Our History

The house at Firmiangasse 11 is one oft he oldest in Ober St. Veit. Parts o fit are believed to date back 600 to 800 years. During the Turkish siege of vienna and in other times of adversity, much oft he building was destroyed, and, so, many oft he owners built around or over it.

Over the centuries, only wine growers lived in the house, the last being the Kerschbaum and Brummer families. Owing to circumstances at that time, the property was passed on (sold) to dairy farmers and later, to innkeepers. Older inhabitants of Ober St. Veit still remember the Doeltl wine tavern that belonged to Brummer’s daughter Josefa Doeltl and, later, the granddaughter Leopoldine Maurer, née Doeltl.


Wine farmers Michl and Elisabeth Kerschbaum sell the property for 3,200 gulden.

Jakob and Eva Brummer become the owners. Jakob bought it before he married Eva.

Eva Brummer owns three cows. But, for the census, she describes herself as a wine grower as well as her sons, Georg and Josef.

Eva Brummer owns a horse and five cows. She and her son Josef list themselves as dairy farmers. The first-born son, Georg, had already left home.

Through gift and inheritance, Josef and Theresia Brummer become the new owners.

Building permission is granted for a double skittle-alley.

Josefa Doeltl inherits the entire property from her mother, Theresia Brummer. She had already been running the business as a wine tavern, together with her husband, the innkeeper Carl Doeltl.

Leopoldine Doeltl inherits the estate from her mother, who died in 1934.

Leopoldine Doeltl marries a retired official from the Austrian state railway, Heinrich Maurer.

Innkeeper from Vienna’s Nordbahnstrasse, Helene Goessl, née Buchgraber, also known as Helene Goessl, buys the property, including the inventory, worth 125,000 schillings. The premises become a wine tavern featuring roast chicken.

Helene Goessl acquires the house at Firmiangasse 9 and furnishes it as a hotel.


The wine tavern is leased to Karl Marchart. He is the brother of the leaseholder of the Ober St. Veit casino and trainer of the professional boxer Hans Orsolics. His then-wife, Judy Marchart, would later become well known as a wine tavern proprietor in Grinzing.

Erich Holomolka becomes the new leaseholder.

Helene Goessl’s daughter, Magdalena Schneider-Goessl, takes over the business, continuing to run it as the Schneider-Goessl wine tavern. As in the past, the favourite speciality on the extensive menu remains roast chicken. The wine tavern gains prominence as typical of the Viennese tradition. Over the decades, the ambience remains largely unchanged: knotty pine-panelled walls and polished wooden tables and a romantic courtyard covered with vines. The tradition of Viennese song is keep alive, with an accordion player providing music almost daily.

Schneider-Goessl’s hotel and tavern business is enlarged to include Firmiangasse 18.

The Champagne bar, Goessl´s Sekt- und Weinbar, opens in Hietzinger Hauptstraße 153.

On 7 June 2007, Mrs. Schneider held a 30 years’ celebration, with the theme “wine, women and song”. For the occasion, wine was offered at the same price as 30 years ago. A spritzer cost 80 cents and a quarter litre of new wine was 1 Euro. Ingomar Kmentt and Franz Schweidler performed Viennese songs, which added a traditional touch to the event.

On 19 October, the new restaurant opens.

Mrs. Schneider-Goessl is married to Franz Schneider, owner of the Hotel Markterwirt, in Altenmarkt, near Salzburg. They have two daughters and a son.