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Our address is Firmiangasse 9-11, 1130 Vienna.

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You can reach us by phone at +43 / 1 / 877 61 09.



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How to reach us by metro and bus

The "Schneider-Gössl" is also very easy and quick to reach by public transport!

How to find us:
Take the U4 to "Ober St. Veit". And then:

Underground and then bus or walk?
If you want to continue from Ober St. Veit by bus (duration: around 5 minutes), choose the rear staircase. There you take the bus 55B and drive to the station "Wolfrathplatz". Then walk up the Hietzinger Hauptstraße for about 100 meters. Turn right in front of the church into Firmiangasse - after another 100 meters you will reach our wine taverns & the hotel!

If you want to take a short walk (about 8 minutes) from the subway station, choose the front stairway ("Franz-Boos-Gasse"). Change the street side and continue the Hietzinger Kai out of town. After about 300 meters you will reach the company lunar, in which you turn please. Just go straight over Firmiangasse (cross the Auhofstraße). After about 300 meters you reach our Heurigen & our hotel!

Home by subway
Important Notice! The Vienna Underground lines run every Friday and Saturday night every 30 minutes! The current timetables of subway and bus of course you learn from our staff!

Walk to the subway:
When you leave our pub, just go left down Firmiangasse. You cross the Auhofstraße and continue straight until you reach the Hietzinger Kai. At the Hietzinger Kai turn right and walk about 300 meters into the city - and you have reached the U4 station Ober St. Veit! The entire walk takes only about 8 minutes!

By bus
Just 2 minutes walk from our restaurant you can reach 3 different bus lines. Line 54B takes you to U4 Station Ober St. Veit in just 3 minutes, line 53B runs to Hütteldorf Station in 3 minutes, and line 54A runs for about 25 minutes to U4 Ober St. Veit at Lainzer Tiergarten and the hospital Hietzing over. The current bus timetables are naturally available from our employees!

You can reach the bus stops as follows:
When leaving our premises, just go right up the company hill. When you reach Hietzinger Hauptstraße, turn left. In front of the supermarket and across the street you can already see the bus stations - it could not be easier!