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Traditional Viennese cuisine


Breaded chicken leg

with homemade potato salad

€ 8.50

Fried chicken liver

with mixed salad and tartar sauce

€ 12.50

Turkey frankfurter

with mixed salad

€ 13.80

Fried chicken (half)

with mixed or potato and lambs lettuce salad

€ 15.50

Grilled chicken (half)

with rice and mixed salad

€ 14.50


Roast pork with sauerkraut and dumpling

served in a cast iron pan in its own juices

€ 12.80

Smoked salt pork with sauerkraut and dumpling

served in a cast iron pan in its own juices

€ 13.80

Pork cutlet

with rice

€ 12.80

Breaded pork cutlet

with mixed salad

€ 13.80

Schneider-Goessl’s special breaded pork cutlet

with garlic and mixed salad

€ 13.90

Farmer’s platter one slice each of roast neck of pork, smoked salt pork and roast pork with caraway seeds plus one frankfurter

with sauerkraut and bread dumpling

€ 13.90

Pork cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese

with mixed salad

€ 14.50

Roast spare ribs

with fried potatoes, two sauces, salad and onion rings,
served on a wooden cutting board
(small Portion) € 12,90

€ 16.90


Boiled shoulder cut

with mixed vegetables, hash-brown potatoes, apple horseradish and chive sauce

€ 16.90

Pork shank

Pork shank (order in advance)

with mustard, horseradish, cabbage salad and bread (per 100g)

€ 2.70


Home-made apple strudel

€ 3.60

Home-made curd cheese strudel

€ 3.60

Milk-cream strudel served in a traditional dish

€ 4.90

Chocolate-nut steamed pudding

€ 5.90

Two crêpes filled with apricots or cranberries

€ 5.60

Two crêpes filled with chocolate and nuts

€ 7.50

Home-made curd cheese dumpling with plum compote

€ 7.50

Strips of crêpe with plum compote

€ 7.90

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